What can I say? I love watching films at the big screen and reading a diverse range of books. They tell stories, they inform us and so much can be learnt from them. It’s a place to make discovery, and opportunity to escape from daily life and is something that should be greatly treasured, as it demonstrates the skills of others to covey important messages to us that we can learn from. It will cover the latest releases, as well as some dating back a number of years.
To differentiate between books and film reviews that I have written, I have colour coded these: Books have their titles in Blue and Films have their titles in Red.
I look forward to hearing your views and your thoughts on the books I have read and films that I have watched. I also would appreciate you contacting me with your recommendations, as it makes life fulfilling and rewarding.


A better title about bird watching couldn’t be conferred on such a film. Yes, I was slightly perplexed at first, how can such a subject be the basis of a movie, and one I love? Starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin, along with some narrative provided by John Cleese, I was in laughter throughout. It is a laughable film, and one that you hate to love. This I don’t believe could have been achieved with any other actors than the ones chosen. It’s a heart warming and felt film, that will have you and others baffled for watching, but I am pretty sure you will end up liking nonetheless. Overall score, a warm 7/10. Go on…go bird watching!


In time, out of time? Whatever you want to call it, it is not a bad film, despite it’s very simple plot that doesn’t go very far. Despite this, it has one very important message to it: life is valuable, life is sacred and everyone should treasure their very existence, be it short or long. Alongside this, it shows the divide between the rich and the poor which plays out in real life. On a plus side, it stars Justin Timberlake and demonstrates that his taken isn’t just limited to singing, as he begin to shape and mould his career in acting. (It is kinda ironic seeing how things have gone for his ex, poor Britney…she’s been through the mills somewhat over the past several years.). Amanda Seyfriend is great, Gillian Murphy, fab, and Olivia Wilde lives up to her surname. Overall score, 7/10. Not great, not brilliant, but at the same time, not bad.


Now this is definately a movie to watch, loved it from start to finish and all the time in between. The story starts slow and builds up, leading to a fantastic and emotive ending. And what an ending, which shows that sometimes, yes sometimes, people get what they truly deserve. Overall score 10/10, and I would grade the film higher if I could. This must be one of the best films to come out in 2011. Autumn is the time for fantastic movies, especially as the nights draw in, along with the cold weather.


Well, least they got one thing right in the title, what a saga! My advise, just stick to the book (if ya really want to that is). The film is laughable. If that was part one, God help me if I have to watch part two. The only thing that dawned on me was how atrocious the movie was. The only saving grace was Jacob at the beginning, he’s quite jaw dripplingly hot! But that is short lived – one scene at the beginning. Would have been nice to have seen more, perhaps that would have kept me more gripped. Think enough said, score 5/10, and that’s only for the semi naked shot of Jacob, otherwise it would have been a resolute zero!


What a fantastic movie! Released late November’11 in UK cinemas, the film is shot in such a way that is deals aptly with the subject matter that it presents, in a sympathetic and loving manner. The cinematography was delightful, capturing the subject matter beautifully and the essence of Marilyn Monroe in a beaming light, showing her inner quandaries with her talent. The actor and actresses were astounding and I have nothing less than high praise for this movie. It is definitely one to watch and savour repeatedly. So go to the cinema and watch it, or wait till its released on DVD / Blu-Ray and enjoy a bottle of red wine with. A better night, or occasion could not be had, especially if you watch it alongside your loved one. Overall Score, of the scale in the most positive way.