This is always the point I reach and ask myself: ‘What do I say?’

I’m Ben.  Some people call me Benjamin, others Benji.  A 20 something year old guy, that loves spending time with his friends and family.  I treasure life, and we should never take for granted how special and sacred it is.  You have one chance at it, so don’t waste it.  Have No Regrets!

I’ve lived down in London now for a number of years.  It is a lovely city, its vibrant, its bustling, and it opens up so many opportunities and avenues for amazing experiences.  I love its fast paced environment, though I do like having my retreats to the numerous parks that can accessed.  My particular favourite is Hyde Park.

I love watching films, dining out and having drinks with friends and work colleagues.  I love red wine, and having the occasional beer, though I have to admit my preference when having beer, it has to be German if possible.  For that reason I have always enjoyed my visits made to Germany.  In terms of wine, I love French, Chilean and Australian in that order (when it comes to red wines).

I am a law grad.  It has taught me many things, most importantly to question and not to take things at face value.  Perhaps one of my main faults is that I have a habit of over analysing issues, or the way someone has responded to me.  I guess that is something that you gain when studying such a vast subject and one that does not leave our daily lives untouched.

I love to cook (when I do get round to it).  One of my favourite signature dishes is tagliatelle pasta in a cream and white wine sauce, with mushrooms, fresh chilli and black pepper, served with grilled Salmon and asparagus spears.  Yum, yum.  Baking is something else I enjoy.  Though I often find that the best cakes are the most simplest – like a Victoria sponge cake.  The secret to success is to get plenty of air into the mix when making it, leaving the oven door shut until its cooked and that you don’t skimp on the quality of the ingredients.

Reading is another of my hobbies, along with exploring the various parts of London and new coffee house haunts to go to.  Life is for exploring.  When it comes to music, I will pretty much listen to anything, though I am not really into heavy metal – that is not my thing.  I do love Jazz, I love pop and adore acoustic music.  Classical is great to listen to when I need to focus, and trance for working out at the gym.

Technology is another of my passions.  Even if I can’t afford to buy some of the gadgets that are out, I do appreciate the time and skill that has been taken in coming up with, and designing, to manufacturing the amazing technologies of today.  My favourite Architect of all time is Frank Lloyd Wright and his Falling Water House.

This is just a short summary of me.  There are many more things about me, which you may be fortunate enough to discover.