This 2013 action-thriller, directed by Antoine Fuqua, delivers lots of action.  Its like a tin of Ronseal – is does exactly what is says on the tin, although in this case the film delivers exactly as how one would expect this film to be.  Pro-American – we will always save the day kind-of theme running throughout is a true delight and spectacle from beginning to end.  I have to admit I found it exciting at times and got lost amongst all the action.  I guess I am just getting tired of the format of the timer also counting down to about 5 seconds before everything is fixed, so for that it was typical of many other films that have gone before.  So that, if you will, is my only caution with this film.

It has some truly amazing actors, most notably Gerard Butler, Aarun Eckhart and the fantastic, Morgan Freeman.  Morgan always seems to deliver every time.  It also has the gorgeous, Rich Yune (born Richard Yun, 1971) as the villainous, KANG.  So I was in heaven watching the film to say the least.

Overall I would give this film a very strong 8 out of 10.  Definitely one to watch on the big screen at the cinema to get all the action delivered in ones seat, with the wide screen and the full impact of cinema-surround-sound.  So after you have read this review, don’t wait around, go to the cinema and get yourself sat down ready for action.