Today I met up with my friend Tam, who I haven’t seen for ages. Was lovely to catch up. We had decided to meet at the O2 in late afternoon to watch two movies, and, in-between, grab a bite to eat. The two movies for the day were ‘Dark Skies’ and ‘Scary Movie V’. Both of the films were very different, and my reviews are below.


If you believe in aliens, then this is definitely a film to watch. This film, directed by Steven Soderbergh, is an American sci-fi horror/thriller. At times it is quite laughable and one that doesn’t scare you that much. It is more of suspense that horror, if I am honest. As with all films like this, I am getting tired of the Paranormal Activity film-based approach, I mean with a similar set up, cameras being installed to monitor things, and something sinister happening. The film is like an amalgamation of the plots of the numerous Paranormal Activity films and the 2013 film, ‘Mama’. Yet the film fails to deliver in the way that these films have done. There is really nothing unique, apart from the added factor of alien lifeforms being the basis of this film, as opposed to a possessed demon/troubled spirit.

In light of this, the score of this film from me isn’t very high, scoring a benign 4 out of 10. Yes its something to watch if you need to kill some time, but if you have something better to do, then you’ll be disappointed. Perhaps however, it is better to see this film at the cinema as opposed to at home, as you will get the big screen experience and perhaps be slightly more scared than you would be watching it on a 42 inch LED TV.


I will be blunt, it is a case of been there done that and bought the t-shirt four times before, and now it feels like the new t-shirt is a bit dull and boring. In other words, the design could do with an upgrade/refreshing. Nonetheless, I was amused throughout and found it laughable, especially with it ripping the majority of the story-line from Mama, and adding in the other horrors to the mix, before making is satirical touches to them. All in all a good laugh, and for that I’d score it 5 out of 10. You definitely know what type of film you are going in for, and what to expect. So if you’re in the mood to be amused, then this is a film to watch, either at the cinema, or if you don’t get round to it when its out, then wait for it on DVD, BluRay or online streaming.