On the IMDB website this film has been given an overall rating of 7.4 out of 10.  If I am blunt, I would not give it such a high score.  While I accept that this was directed by Danny Boyle, a very creative and talented individual, I have to admit I was left some what disappointed.  For me the film is worth a good 6 but nothing higher.  Perhaps my friend Matt, with whom I watched this film with at the O2, may differ in his view, but nonetheless it is mine.

As for the film, I found it cumbersome at times and protracted.  It flitted from one thing to the next, and could give rise to some confusion as to what was reality and what was not.  Indeed, it was a bit like watching the film, ‘Inception’, raising many questions throughout the film than answered.  To say it almost turned me into a trance is quite close to it. That said, it was enjoyable, and the soundtrack behind the scenes that unfolded before ones eyes on the big screen was exceptional.  It truly did correlate well to the film throughout.  It is also nice to see that a number of films, that have been realised this year, are set in London, which is a fabulous city and one which I feel should feature more in the films ahead.

James McAvoy, as Simon, and Rosario Dawson, as Elizabeth, were the key actors within the film and they did a marvellous job.  James is very good looking, so for the gay-guys and women out there your eyes are in for a treat.  Rosario is very talented at what she does and I look forward to seeing future films with her taking a leading role.

The storyline behind the film was solid, more-or-less, and told the story of many lives colliding together with what would seem unrelated individuals – criminals, an art auctioneer and hypnotherapist.  So for that, it was very original and my hats off to the writers Joe Ahearne and John Hodge.

In summary – a good film, but as stated by my good friend Matt in his blog, its one that you can wait for to come out on DVD, or for those more advanced with technology – BluRay and streaming through such services as Netflix and Sky Movies.