I was fortunate, as a Cineworld Unlimited member, to be able to see an early screening of this film. The remainder of you will have to wait until 20th December in the UK.

It is definitely a film you MUST go and see. I say it’s obligatory as its awesome. It was heart warming, mesmerising and deep – one that stirs so many emotions inside yourself (or at least it had that effect on me). Albeit, throughout the latter part of the film my dear friend Matt, kept offering, and myself denying, a sip of delightful single malt whisky from his-hip flask.

Matt aside (dare I say it?), and getting back to the film, Ang Lee, as director, did a stunning job with all of the effects and hooking the attention of the audience in portraying the story told in the 2001 novel by Yann Martel. It tells a story of a 16 year old boy that sets sail for Canada on a fateful voyage from which the true story comes alive. It’s a story about survival and how many lessons can be learnt from ones past and applied and adapted to the present situation.

Suraj Sharma, the talented actor, plays the key role and is gorgeous to say the least! He brings so much to his charming and enchanting character, and by the end had done a sterling job in bringing the story alive. He physically did look exhausted by the end! Definitely an actor to watch out for in the future ahead, and one I will keep my eye out for.

As for the locations in the film, my hats off to those that were behind this. They truly did deliver, along with those that carried out the filming. To get Matt to praise this particular aspect during the film is praise indeed, as it has to be noted it’s a very rare thing for him to do, and even rarer for him to be complimentary to me (but I know he tries).

This is a film for the family to watch and one great for a winters day, or evening. And without elaborating further and destroying the story that is told, just make sure you go and watch it in 3D at the cinema – you won’t be disappointed!

In closing, its a great film to see out 2012 and see the approach of the New Year on the imminent horizon. I can’t rate it high enough as its off the scale! You never know, you may even shed a tear at the end (like I did, as I’m a complete softy at heart)!