What a mesmerising, gripping, insightful and thought provoking film, and one that has been saved for the perfect moment, autumn 2012.

Seriously….I can not recommend this film enough. My colleague was correct when she said it’s a brilliant film! The film, based on a true story, is shot beautifully and very sympathetic to the situation that was in place at that time. I especially loved the history lesson at the beginning, which also seems to be shared by one of my law school friends, Zoha. While it is around 2 hours, its definitely not a ‘Twilight’ experience (as per my review below). This film does not drag, but instead keeps the viewer gripped right in the centre of the film and in their seats. The length is just right, and you couldn’t ask for a better cast with the likes of Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin. Ben Affleck gave a solid performance in his character role of being the ‘rescuer’ if it were (I know, I’m probably not using the correct word), and the suspense created throughout the film was electrifying. I could feel myself tense up at times, I was completely sucked into the film the action and forgot my surroundings, and the fact that I was actually in a cinema with around 100 other people.

So in summary….three words….’GO WATCH IT!’

If that isn’t enough then just watch the trailer.