Its ironic, saga is an apt name for this film as it is one that went on and on and on. I in fact chuckled when it ended with the words ‘forever’ appearing on the screen. It felt like forever; that is two hours of my life that I will never get back! Apart from gorgeous Jacob, there was very little to keep me entertained and amused. It was mushy with repeated scenes of kisses between Ed and Bella, and then a mushy ending with a montage of their love story…it got so bad that my stomach started to churn, you know… like when you have a bad bout of norovirus! Yes I haven’t been particularly nice with my description of the film, but alas it is mine. Overall I’d rather stick needles in my eye, but what do I know. Out of 10, well I wont be too harsh…will score it a 5 with the redeeming feature of Taylor Lautner. Scrap that…just buy a pin up of Taylor, put it on your wall etc, be happy and then strip 4 points from my score and overall rating 1/10. That way you get peace and enjoyment at the same time!