Franzen has written an epic book an one you just won’t want to put down. I loved every minute of it, and have to say a huge thank you to Joseph for making this book recommendation to me.

What will you learn? Well everyone will read it differently and have their own take on things. But the key message that I took away is life is unique, it flexes and freedom is yours and you can shape it by your actions, your inactions and the decisions that you take. I have never read a book which is more real and in tune with our daily lives.

What I love is it characterises life brilliantly in 595 pages, and each page you will savour reading. It shows that life is dysfunctional, that it isn’t a textbook process that you follow. It is real and it’s what you do with it. ‘Freedom’ is a must to read, so go read it. You truly won’t be disappointed.

So in closing, read, read and read some more. Let me know what you think once you have read it, I look forward to hearing your take. ‘Freedom, freedom indeed!’