This horror film, released this year, direct and written by Michael Bassett is more than a revelation. It is deep, it is dark and most importantly it hits worst nightmares possible. Indeed the creatures and strange characters that are depicted in this film would fit right in with images depicted by the Swiss surrealist, H R Giger, the man behind the series of films – Aliens. More can be found out about him here.

This film is definitely worth watching in 3D, so if you are thinking of skipping paying the little extra to watch it in this format, as opposed to 2D, then don’t. You will be transferred into the film, as opposed to being an observer you’ll feel part of the film.

So if you’re in the mood for a horror then I’d suggest seeing this as you wont be left feeling disappointed. I jumped throughout, and at times turned my eyes away from the screen.

Warning…only view the trailer is you’re not of a weak disposition.