Well the most recent period has been an interesting one, and 2012 thus far I have seen some highs, some lows and made som great friends along the way. Work wise I am very happy with my job, feel settled and looking forward to the future ahead…onwards and upwards as they say.

In terms of personal health, ie my weight well that has yo-yoed more than I would have liked. There have been moments I have been health conscious and attended the gym, next minute it’s been eating at the wrong time and perhaps being someone over generous with my intake of life’s luxuries…i.e. red wine which is my favourite.

Well past week I’ve had two workouts thus far, Saturday and this evening. Relatively pleased with the workout today having exceeded the 800 calories mark on the cross trainer in 1 hour 5 mins, 5 of which been a cool down if that really exists. All I know is at the end of the workout I felt great, if somewhat warm and tired. The task ahead, or for better expression the road to be travelled, I need to keep the gym up, eat properly and stay focused on myself, in making myself a better person.


Reflecting on myself this year as we are in the midst of autumn, which I often do, I am proud of what I have achieved, albeit that something’s I would have done differently in terms of how I have interacted with others. So if I’ve upset you or offended you in anyway along the way, then I’m sincerely sorry. I can’t change the past, I can only look back in hindsight, see where I’ve made mistakes and do my utmost for the future ahead not to make them again. But my one saving grace, in the back of my mind, is knowing that we are human and we are fallible.

So without further a do I will end this post, by saying thank you to everyone that has been there for me, given me support and for being there in the future ahead.

Best wishes, Benjamin