This is something I have been giving some thought to. I lay here on the bed, or sit at my chair at the desk and just think. Observe what is going on around me. Seeing how busy everyone is, shuffling paper, rattling their fingers on the tops of the keys on their keyboards, frantically typing away on the pc.

Just taking a minute or two to observe, I’ve noticed how very little we know about one another, yet see on a daily basis, be it grabbing a cup of coffee on the regular coffee run, picking up a newspaper in the corner shop, or getting a sandwich from the canteen. It’s pretty sad in some ways, how we stand in a lift all in our own worlds thinking and contemplating, getting stuck in a regime like a programmed robot. Before you know it, another day has gone, then two, then a week, two weeks, a month and a year. You get the idea.

So what am I trying to say? Yes, continue working along, but say hi. Smile, ask questions and don’t be shy. Interaction is the key to our success and will brighten up our days.