As a gay man living in England, I consider myself relatively privileged.  Whilst I have experienced those that want to engage in name calling of people from the LGBT community, I have fortunately only had to experience that.  But there is no justification what so ever to people being discriminated against and most drastically killed for their sexuality.

Reading another blog entry, earlier today, I was saddened to learn of the death of Daniel Zamudio, a 24 year old Chilean man, that had his whole life ahead of him.  Going about his normal business, seeking to educate himself, work hard and positively contribute to society, he was killed.  Killed for his sexuality.  My heart goes out to his family, friends and loved ones.  Such a tragic loss.

The death of Daniel Zamudio, is just one example highlighting the need for more to be done around the world by the LGBT community and society as a whole.  It is an issue for national governments to tackle at a national and international level.  But it is most important to remember that each and everyone of us can help address the issue of homophobia.  Be accepting and challenge those that make degrading, demeaning and insulting comments about people from the LGBT community.  By doing so, people we soon learn that their is no place for such ill treatment.  We all have a right to life, and as the Tesco motto goes, ‘Every little helps’ and indeed it does.