Very interesting and thought provoking. Have to admit I am a huge Apple fan and always look forward to new products that they put our way.


There is definitely some sort of Zen that makes Apple, well, Apple. Taking something obvious, and making it somehow better, somehow cooler, somehow new. How do they do it? By observing how consumers interact with technology and experimenting ad nauseum internally, until they get it exactly the way they want it. This includes abandoning the past if it no longer makes any sense. So when Apple’s own Tim Cook declares that merging a refrigerator and a toaster is not good for the consumer, he may just have a point.

But as forward-thinking as the company is, perhaps Apple hasn’t created a new path at all. Through a technique of observe, perfect and discard, Apple has been heading for some time now in one direction — along the pre-defined path into the era of ubiquitous computing.

Ubiquitous computing defined

In some ways, this path is as logical as Moore’s Law…

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