You maybe wondering where this blog entry come from, and in particular the reason: yes / or no, am I mistaken?

Well having finished the gym and heading to Canary Wharf shopping mall, I entered Cabots Place through a set of double doors. Noticing there was someone heading in my direction I held the door open for them. No thank you, nor even any recognition of my existence as a human being. This I consider ill and rude mannered behaviour. It would have taken two words to say, ‘thank you’, or even ‘thanks’ would have sufficed.

In this era of politicians up talking the big society, and our connections with one another, this seems to be a grave area overlooked. Manners cost nothing, and create a very positive impression of others. Instead, this evening I was left with a feeling of, my my, what a rude individual.

In an age of anonymity, to put it a better way, that is, in London in which we become lost in the void perhaps, people could recognise the little things we do to be helpful. It is easy to do, and greatly respected.

So next time, when someone holds the door open for you, smile and say ‘thank you’. You will feel all the better for it. Rather than feeling like a servant in the medieval era!

Rant over. Have a good day.