Well today’s work out was harder than any other day so far. I am trying to think of the reasons, but nonetheless kept my focus at my gym, LA Fitness.

Yes another round of cardio before you ask, wanting to burn the calories. I am pleased another work out that exceeded the 700 calories milestone which I intend to at least achieve in an hours work out, if not exceed.


Alongside this I am on a low fat diet. Cutting out the high carbs and high fat products, and instead selecting lean meats such as turkey breast and salad. Though today I have a low calorie chicken salad sandwich from Tesco, a bottle of diet coca-cola ( which will have to go) and a packet of skips (perhaps with hindsight shouldn’t have had). Breakfast was All Bran cereal, an orange juice and some fruit. Morning snack being a low fat rice cake. Plenty of water and then a banana in the afternoon, I am finding I am not craving high sugar based foods such as a chocolate bar, and even turned down chocolate biscuits in a meeting I was in this afternoon (in previous weeks I would have tucked right in, but neither wished not desired them – which I am very happy about. I attribute this to (a) my focus on wanting to lose the fat, and (b) just not craving such foods, wanting fruit or a hot drink instead such as plain tea or a black coffee.)

I am also taking multi vitamins and a supplement from Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser. So any views and thoughts on that, or more general suggestions to aid me, please let me know.

February I know I need to start adding weight training in. So that will supplement and not replace my existing cardio as I dont want to give the cardio up.

The impact of exercise: the positive things are feeling more energised, more awake, that feel good factor and finding that I sleep better (albeit I may need to change my mattress in the future as its not the most comfortable one on the planet.)

So my advice, borrowing from the Nike motto, ‘Just Do It’. If you want to lose weight, no point siting in front of the tv watching programmes about others losing weight. You need to get up of te sofa and exercise. Feel that burn, feel the achievement afterwards and enjoy your increases metabolic rate, not to mention the feel good factor!

N.B. going to be brave tomorrow, tomorrow will be designated weigh in day once a week to monitor things. And, me being me, I will post here: (a) to provide a record to me and (b) to show others what can be achieved with a bit of determination and exercise.

For now, thanks for reading. Hope I didn’t bore you.