What to say? My hats off to Spielberg for pulling this off, turning this theatre classic into a fantastic motion film.

Typical Spielberg style, is a bit long. But that isn’t a complaint, nor grumble as such, as lets face it, we expect such films from Spielberg. Taking sometime out there and making it his own. The story was told in such an emotional and charismatic manner, touching your heart and leaving you with that huge sense of pride at the end (which I have to admit, even put a tear in my eye).

I have to congratulate the horse whisperer in this case, whatever they did with the horse clearly worked. The actors were all hot, and have to admit the leading star was gorgeous, not to mention the blonde German guy that pulled his brother out of his march to the trenches. Just such a shame try were shot so early on in the film, as he was hot!

Overall, fantastic film, would love to see it again. Emotive, enjoyable and will leave your heart warmed for watching the movie.