Time is an interesting thing.  One minute you think you have plenty ahead of you, and then bang another day, week, month and even year has gone!  And what do you end up asking yourself: “were did it all go?”

Yes…2012 is on the imminent horizon and it has made me realise even more so than ever, the amount of time I have wasted on things that are insignificant and time that I have failed to spend more wisely.  This has most recently been drawn to my attention by my second eldest brother.  “So what things should I have spent more time on?” I hear you say.  Well these can be listed very briefly in 5 words: ‘exercise, socialize, family and friends’.

So as 2011 comes to a close, I do that annual thing of reviewing my life (whether this is a good thing, bad thing and a complete waste of time I am not sure.  Hindsight no doubt will provide the answer!)  So only several days away from 2012, I am trying my best not to be one of those that come up with unobtainable and insurmountable targets for the new year ahead, such as: win the Euromillions (I don’t do the lottery), become the hottest guy in the universe, to only drink water and not let alcohol pass thy lips (or any soft drink for that matter).  I mean… come on… this is me we are talking about – I have to live within my limitations!

Looking back, I have achieved quite a lot in the past year (despite the ‘unobtainable targets’).  I have a job that I am enthusiastic about, and whereby I desire to help others (whether I am able to do so, or not, is another question and will leave that for others to decide).  I have maintained the valuable friendships that I have made over the years, and in many ways enhanced them.  I have spent more time with my family than in previous years since moving down to London.

So after achieving quite a bit, you might question were I will go with my aims for the year ahead of us?  Well, no doubt you have been in the same position as me at some point in your life, in which you have asked yourself questions such as: ‘what’s the meaning of life?’; ‘surely, there has to be more to life than this?’; ‘what is my purpose in life?’ Well in raising such questions I have discovered one vital thing:  It is simply pointless to raise such empty, worthless questions that are framed in such abstract terms, as it achieves nothing, solves nothing and in many ways only raises even more questions about ones self worth (and thus the perpetual cycle begins!)

So looking on the ‘bright side of life’ (to borrow the words of a song most of us learnt during childhood), the purpose in life (in my viewpoint) is TIME (no, not the magazine!), and in turn, to make the most of it.  So that is my aim for the next year.  To make time for those I cherish and value in my life.  To make time to appreciate the things that I do have, rather than look at the things I have not.  To make time to learn, discover and open my eyes to the possibilities before me.  As they say, time is of the essence, so I am going to make 2012 about making the most of it.  Time is there for everyone, for some it is short lived and others long, but time will always outlive us, for that is its nature! So remember that, if nothing else.

To come to a concluding point then, not to mention to save boring you further to death, I want to do two things:

(1)  bid you a HAPPY NEW YEAR when 2012 arrives.  I hope it brings you much happiness, joy, love and prosperity; and

(2)  leave you with the words of Louis Hector Berlioz:

‘Time is the coin of your life.  It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.  Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.’



P.S. Thanks for reading the blog!