Well the weekend of 20th August marks a very significant day, not only for myself, but for Steve and Caroline, along with their family and dear friends. It is a day to remember, and a very joyous one to say the least, for it was the day that some of my most dearest friends got married.

The weather was a mixed bag. Waking up on the Saturday at my hotel based at the Albert Dock (Staybridge Suites – highly recommended), the weather was beautiful, the sky mediterranean blue, and just a happy feeling when sat having a coffee at Revolution, knowing that later that day Steve and Caroline were to marry. A more happy and suited couple one could not meet. They have found in themselves partners for life, that will be together sun, rain or shine. I am delighted for them, and can only hope that one day that My Prince will turn up and sweep me off my feet to (perhaps wishful thinking…but one can dream and hope.)

After having coffee, it was time to buy a wedding card, in which I visited John Lewis, at the new Liverpool One, which is a magnificent shopping area, and has truly led to the regeneration that Liverpool so very needed (my observations when studying there between 2004-2008.) Liverpool truly was well deserving when it was awarded the Capital of Culture. So congratulations once again. After picking up the card, I went to have another card, realising that I had to write the card. Now usually words come for me quite easily, but on this particular occasion I didn’t know what to say. Or at least, I didn’t know how to express myself fully, as these words I was about to write were to carry so much significance, and I wanted to get them right for their special day. So Steve, Caroline, I hope you liked the message that I enclosed.

Just as I was about to depart to West Kirby, taking the Merseyrail, the sky was starting to turn a greyish, then a very deep black colour, the weather was changing. Time for an umbrella, but at same time, hope I wasn’t Pre-empting a downpour from the heavens above. On the train, the weather on the other side of the River Mersey seemed to be a lot better. Arriving at St Bridget’s Church, West Kirby, I was greeted by Steve’s mother (the one that sussed that I was gay before I told anyone, Steve still raises this to this day).

The groom and then the bride arrived shortly afterwards, with the ceremony commencing at 2pm. Caroline truly did look stunning in her purple wedding dress (yes, not conventional, but this I something I have come to like so very much about her, her uniqueness, and her way, no everyone else’s way). Steve had a beaming smile on his face, his big day had arrived. The readings given by his brother (as best man), his mum and Caroline’s mum, carried so much significance, especially his brothers one about ‘Love’. Its times like these that you truly do realise what love is, and how power it is, and how lucky are those that have found it, a love that endures everything and anything, that comes without question, comes without doubt and is real, and come without envy and is accepting of all.

The ceremony was lovely, especially the chosen songs, one of my favourites being ‘All things bright an beautiful’. After the ceremony, the photographs were taken, before a short journey to the reception. The venue was tastefully decorated. I was seated with some of Steve’s friends from high school, and was lovely catching up with them and swapping notes. The food was lovely, having roast beef for my main. Followed by the speeches by the brides father, the best man and then finally with the groom himself. All fantastic.

After several drinks, dancing commenced on the dance floor. Haven’t properly danced for quite while, and as I commented to Steve, not since I was with my ex, Charlie. So it was quite a weird moment for me at first. But had fantastic time.

So my message now is aimed at Steve and Caroline: I am truly delighted that you invited me to share your very special day. I look up to you both, knowing what you have, and what you have achieved together. Through the student years and later in life, as we have progressed in our professional careers, I have come to value you both very dearly. May you have an eternity of happiness together as man and wife, and may all your hopes and wishes be fulfilled together. A more deserving couple there is not. So congratulations!

With my love