Hi one and all.  Hope everyone’s been doing well and having lots of fun, enjoying life (or not, as the case may be).  For those that are, may it long continue, and for those who are not, I hope it gets better very soon.

This is a short one, to acknowledge and recognize that I haven’t been updating my blog as I should have been.  It has been quite an eventful period for me, hence the silence, and one in which I have done a considerable amount of reflection on myself (once again).  Perhaps I over think, and that is the realization that I have come to most recently.  Yes people have said it to me before, but I had to realize it, and accept it, and now I am putting things in place to change all of that.

With this in mind, I will provide a brief update.  I have been continuing with my fitness/wellness regime at the gym and I am now starting to see results, so hopefully by July/August I will have realized a lot of where I want to be on that front, though it may take a bit longer, say 2-3 more months to be exactly where I want…but needless to say and considerable transformation has taken place in this past year.

The last time I wrote on the blog, I had mentioned so many positive things, and I have learnt a very valuable lesson – ‘be wary in what I say, things didn’t turn out as they appeared’.  So the result has been that I am being more cautious and less perceptible to being carried along in the heat of the moment (so to put it in words).

The blog will be updated shortly, so please watch this space.