Well its been a long time coming!

Over recent years I have steadily gained some extra weight, despite all the hard work, and amazing results I achieved back in 2007 and early 2008. Now its time to get back on track, and come what summer, I expect to be back in my 32″ waist jeans and back to a healthy BMI of 22. At present I role in at a worrying BMI (at least for me) of 27.5 – so officially that means I am overweight for my height.

So to mark this special occassion, I am going to be creating a new page on this blog, entitled: “A New Me”. Out with the old, and in with the new, an improved version, just like Apple keep doing on a regular basis with their iPhones, MacBookPros etc…

What’s the purpose you may ask? Well its three fold: (I) to help ensure that I keep on track and thus provide me with even more incentives to keep it up, you be my judge; (II) to show it can be done and to hopefully act as a source to encourage others that might be umming and argghing about losing weight; and ultimately (III) to provide a record of how things are going for myself (yes that’s right, I wanna subject you to it all also).

If I can pass on a message to other at this stage, it would be, (borrowing from Nike here) ‘Just Do It’! Don’t put it off any longer, as we know when we say I will start tomorrow it inevitably means the next day and the next…and hey presto another day, another week, month and year have gone by. The gym isn’t such a scary place. Its your friend and can be very enjoyable.

So watch this space, new update coming soon.