For a long time now I have wanted to learn a new language. I learnt Spanish at High School, but have to admit my heart was new really in it. I didn’t focus on it, and at times had resorted to using online translators when completing homework (though I can say, never for coursework)m

Anyways, my interest has always been in learning German. I love the country. Every time I visit I find it so homely, the people so friendly, everywhere clean and shipshape, transport that runs on time…well the list can go on and on (think you got my point). One day I want to be able to live there for a period of time, not in the foreseeable future, but at some point.

So after finishing work earlier than usual today, I headed down to Waterstones at Canary Wharf and bought Teach Yourself Complete German. I will give it a go and see how I get along. If anyone has any tips, then let me know. I will get cracking.