I love the gym for a number of reasons.  Of late, and over the recent years I have put some weight on and now it is time to get rid of it.  I used to love going the gym when I lived up north.  When I moved down to London it sort of went wayward some what.  Now I am rectifying that bad period.

At the packed gym today at Canary Wharf, I have a great workout.  The place was rammed, yet managed to get onto the running machine and timed it perfectly to get onto a free Cross-Trainer.  The latter I like very much as it works out the whole body, tones and removes those lumps and bumps that no one would ever chose to have.

So yes, the gym is very invigorating, I feel more energized at work and feel so much happier about myself.  This may seem like a small achievement to many, but it has made a huge lot of difference to me.

What I like the most about the gym is that everyone is there to get fit, to tone their bodies or boost their muscle to fat ratio.  My main goal at the moment is to get rid of this excess baggage, but know I need to start building up on my weight building as this helps improve burning of calories during the day without exercising.  Then when I do the cardio work out which I love so very much, will have a greater and better impact.

I am still debating whether to have a few sessions with a Personal Trainer to boost things.  So will give it some considered thought.  So any views and input from other would be greatly welcomed as to whether it is worth the extra expense.

Hmm, boy I have been busy posting to this blog today.  But yes, that is a new aim of mine also, to provide regular updates etc.