Here I am, sat in Costa enjoying a Flat White before heading into the office. Had a great sleep the other night. Woke up all refreshed and feeling very positive about the future. I had a huge smile on my face, feeling all up beat walking the short walk to the tube stn.

Anyways, I have been thinking recently how lucky I am. What a magical circle of friends, whom I include my work colleagues in. When I first moved down to London, I knew but a handful of people, literally one, then two, then three. Now I can’t count on my fingers anymore, and everyone has touched my life and brought something amazing to it. They have been there for me, listened to me, counselled me, as I have them (albeit on a variable basis depending on who it is – so my apologies for those that I may have fallen below standard).

Well your probably wondering what I am doing in this post? Hmm… I just want to say Thank You to all those that have been there for me, for caring, for listening and for all the wonderful things you have enriched my life with. Another important message to others is that they should treasure their friends. Friendship is everything and makes life so much more joyful.

Hahah…rant over!