That time has arrived once again. A time where we celebrate the commencement of a New Year, a fresh start and a time to make those all important resolutions. So what resolution to fail this year? (Excuse my negativism!!!)

The New Year signifies to many a time for hope, an opportunity to change and do more with life. So my aim this year is: (a) to be happy; (b) to enjoy life; (c) value even more the time spent with friends and family; (d)  to just say ‘hey, I am me and that’s all I can be!’ (e) hope for the best and see what happens, and not beat myself up if I make the odd mistake here or there. Life is about learning, and mistakes make us learn fast. So embrace the challenges, enjoy the good times and to nick from the Nike motto, “Just Do It!”

Happy New Year to One and All. May 2011 be a year for prosperity, good health and cheer. A time for the world financial markets to recover, for unemployment levels to be addressed and more developments to find cures to medical conditions and advancements in gay rights around the world. Let’s make 2011 about celebrating LIFE!